Sawtooth Research Report Samples
Manufacturer's Report - California
 Sections A and B Title, Contents, Definitions & Graphs
 Section C General Summary Reports
 Section D Manufacturer & Product Reports
 Section E Retailer Summaries
 Section F Detail of Current Period's Registrations
 Section G Lienholder Reports
 Section H Energy Efficiency Reports
FloorPlan Tracker Report (rolling 12-Month Ended) - California
 Title and Contents Title and Contents
 Section A F-3 All floor plans summarized by Manufacturer
 Section B F-4 All floor plans by Retailer and Manufacturer by County of Retailer
 Section C F-4A All floor plans by Retailer and Manufacturer by County of Homeowner
 Section D F-5,F-6 Top floor plans by State and County
 Section E F-7,F-8 All floor plans summarized by Length Categories
New Manufactured Home Sales and FloorPlanTracker are published quarterly and, depending upon the state, will come to you approximately 15-60 days after the end of the period being reported.
Subscription Rates are charged on a 'per location/plant' basis. Satellite locations & plants must subscribe separately. Extra copies of the reports may be purchased and used within each location.