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Where does Sawtooth Research Group get its information?

Our information comes from each state’s titling/registration department. This department varies from one state to the next. They send us computer generated files on a weekly or monthly basis. We then look at every Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) that is used as backup for the transaction. That allows us to extract information such as Manufacturer name, Retailer name, Model and Model numbers, length and width, etc., and pass that information on to you.

Why don’t these numbers match with our sales figures for the same period of time?

Each home that shows up in our report, does so according to its ‘registration’ or ‘recording’ date. That means the home has been sold, delivered, closed and all the titling paperwork is in to the given state. At that point a computer record is generated (with a recording date) and then the information gets to us. Our research shows that that length of time is a minimum of 30 days. This timeline can be longer if the Retailer or Lender (especially on land home transactions) is not prompt in submitting paperwork, or the information is submitted incompletely or incorrectly.

Do these figures include Real Property transactions?

Yes! Even though Real Property homes do not get a title, they go through the same registration process at the state level that Personal Property homes do. Two points of caution here: 1) We are only able to report homes as Real Property if the home is recorded as such during the initial registration. Many home owners take a month or two to complete this process. Their home will already have shown up as personal property in a month prior to when they do get their paperwork completed. 2) Each state has its own laws that govern the handling of real property transactions. You should reference our "Definitions and Notes" section of the state you are interested in for further explanation.

Why does it take 30-60 days after the end of a period to get a report out?

As mentioned earlier, we look at all MCO’s collected by the state and from them we glean valuable information. However, before we can get a look, the State has to issue a title and send the paperwork to their microfilming department. Only after the microfilming process is completed are we able to obtain those copies. That timeline varies with every state.

Are Retail Sales Prices available for all state's reports?

No! If the state we're reporting on does not have a sales tax, then typically the state does not record the sales price, nor do they require individual Retailers to report that amount to anyone.

Are you able to generate Customized Reports?

Yes! If you have an idea for a custom report that you don’t see here, give us a call and we will let you know if we can put it together for you, and how much it will cost.

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